Saturday, 13 February 2016

Understanding Visual branding

Visual branding is what attract people to your brand, It your brand
image, It tells a potential customer about what your brand represent
even without you being there.

It's about capturing your audience attention, telling your story and
building a lasting relationship.

Visual branding won't help you sale your products, but it will help
you connect with the right audience and will help your customers and
potential customers to identify your brand easily.

Here is a few tips to help you in Visual branding

1. Your visual branding should be simple, polished, noticeable, easy
to follow and simple to understand.

2. Capture the eyes, grab the attention.

Think about Images and colours and select what best defines what your
brand stand for. Remember, there is no language barrier in image and
colours, so use them to your advantage.

3. Understand your goals and visions and make them plain to your staff.

The first thing any potential customer will notice about your brand is
your logo which defines everything about what your brand represent.
Before creating your logo, think about your goals and visions, discuss
them with your staff, and list down possible ideas, after creating the
logo, go back to the drawing board and look at it again whether the
basics goals you listed out is represented in your visual brand.

4. Promote your brand.

Let the promotion start from within, fall in love with your brand and
make sure all your staff do same before taking it to others.
It's your passion and that of your team that will inspire people and
subsequently connect them to your brand.

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