Sunday, 14 February 2016

Developing a Winning Twitter Strategy for your Start up

Twitter is still a good platform to build connection, create your
brand community and give your brand the needed social presence.
Investing time and money in twitter can be very rewarding if it is
done the right way, to get it right, just make sure you are doing the

1. Find your Voice.

When you open your brand account on twitter, it is very good to know
what to say, when to say it and how to say it well, the combination of
this three will draw people closer to your brand and make your twitter
experience more fun.

It is natural to post about your feeling and your thoughts, but make
sure they are unique and are tailored toward adding value to your
Make twitter part of your daily business routine, Be real, Be human
and be authentic in your post and your voice will stand out with time.

2. Build connection

No matter how good your products are or your contents are, if you
don't have following, your work and campaigns will not give you the
needed result. You will agree with me that success in twitter or any
other social media platform don't depend on the number of following
but on the quality of following, but at least you must have people
that follow your brand to get started .

Building connection start from your twitter bio, paint a good picture
of who you are and what you do. Show people what you are interested in
with the contents you tweet, follow people, retweets interesting
tweet, shout out to people and have twitter list.

3. Have a good story

Twitter is a good place to share your story.

But before posting or sharing any story, ask yourself will it help,
will it add value, will it entertain. Don't just post for posting
sake, let all your post add value to your audience and your brand.
Have a good story to tell about your brand and make sure you make it
is interesting.

4. Engage

The best way to get closer to your brand community is by engaging with
them, don't just be on Twitter with just the intent of telling your
own story, create time to talk with your community, Send a thank you
tweet, send a welcome tweet, have a twitter chat, people want to
connect with humans, so be human.

5. Offer help.

Remember it not all about you, it is about them. Don't just tell or
show your products, try to listen and offer help to your brand
community, Kindness pays and let your brand be known for being a force
for social good.

6. Create a unique Hashtag for your brand.

Create a unique hashtag for your brand, this will help you follow up
your brand community, provide a good platform for social listening and
will also make it easy for people to connect and identify with you and
your brand.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Understanding Visual branding

Visual branding is what attract people to your brand, It your brand
image, It tells a potential customer about what your brand represent
even without you being there.

It's about capturing your audience attention, telling your story and
building a lasting relationship.

Visual branding won't help you sale your products, but it will help
you connect with the right audience and will help your customers and
potential customers to identify your brand easily.

Here is a few tips to help you in Visual branding

1. Your visual branding should be simple, polished, noticeable, easy
to follow and simple to understand.

2. Capture the eyes, grab the attention.

Think about Images and colours and select what best defines what your
brand stand for. Remember, there is no language barrier in image and
colours, so use them to your advantage.

3. Understand your goals and visions and make them plain to your staff.

The first thing any potential customer will notice about your brand is
your logo which defines everything about what your brand represent.
Before creating your logo, think about your goals and visions, discuss
them with your staff, and list down possible ideas, after creating the
logo, go back to the drawing board and look at it again whether the
basics goals you listed out is represented in your visual brand.

4. Promote your brand.

Let the promotion start from within, fall in love with your brand and
make sure all your staff do same before taking it to others.
It's your passion and that of your team that will inspire people and
subsequently connect them to your brand.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

5 things Social Media taught us about Small business

As a social Entrepreneur and a social media strategist one thing I
love doing is meeting small business owners, advising them and helping
them get on Social media.
Neither twitter nor Facebook existed 10 years ago, so the impact of
social media on small business is very encouraging especially if you
do it right..

Here are some of the lessons social media has taught us about small business...

1. Don't get lost in the Crowd

The reason most small business and start up fail on Social media is
that they fail to find their audience.
As a social media strategist, I keep reminding small business owners
that they must first find their voice, decide their audience, then
plan their budget before getting into the social media. If you get
into social media without knowing were your audience are, you are
bound to get lost in the Crowd.

2. Be good at what you are doing.

A young lady send me an email with some financial details to help
promote her start up, which was a restaurant that cook good Chinese
food, I did my Job, but I was surprised at the outcome, over twenty
people that visited her restaurant complains that she is not good at
cooking Chinese food. When I did my research, I discover that she is a
jack of all trade but champion of none...

3. Don't just be in social media, learn to engage.

Engagement is a back bone of any relationship. your sales and growth
increases as a result of constant engagement, don't be too shy to
start a conversation, say hello, be polite, be human, be real, tell
your brand story, listen and engaged.

4. Treat your customers Well..

Your customers can turn to your brand evangelist if your service
delivery is exceptional, don't just think only about the money, be
passionate about putting smiles on people faces, let your business
solve a problem and you can be sure that people will take positively
about your business

5. A thank you is always in order.

Take time to thank people who engage politely and positively with you
but never ignore those who talk negatively about you or your business.
This will make your business more accessible and thus expand your

Friday, 1 January 2016

It a new year

I have been away for long,  and I apologize, as we start new year ,  be positive in everything you do,  live and do everything you can to impact the World positively..

Happy new yeat

Saturday, 18 July 2015

My Life as a Writer

Going through life everyday gives me hope that if we put a little
effort and learn to do things the right way, life will be a lot
easier, fun and happier.

As a little kid, I had always wanted to make a difference in life and
to do this, WRITING was one of my interest.
And I was determine to use my writing to change life, enforce justice
and encourage creativity. I wanted to be a voice to so many people,
the widow, the depressed, the law abiding citizen, etc. I wanted to
speak against war, Child Labour, Racism, terrorism and Injustice, I
was hoping that my writing will inspire hope, peace, progress, social
justice and gender inequality.

But as I keep pushing ahead, even with the series of rejections I have
come across, I am sure that very soon my story will light so many
candles that will inspire our World.

My writing journey has been a great adventure... I have written poems,
short stories, articles and currently working on a novel...but I am

In writing as it is in life, the page keep changes, each page with a
new story line, and no matter how bad the story lines maybe, there
will always be a page that will make you smile, relieve, happy and
The bottom line is...THERE IS NO GRADUATION PARTY IN WRITING... and no
matter how good you are there is always something new to learn...
One thing I know is that great writers read and write everyday.... And
most of my writing ideas comes from reading and daily life lessons.

If you are a writer, an aspiring writer like me or whoever you are....
Don't give matter what happen, oneday you will certainly celebrate.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Wait...Take a Look at this..Before your next post....

Every piece of information we create and post has an effect on our readers.
As bloggers, writers, social media strategist and marketers we owe our
readers that respect to provide them with good, reliable and timely
information that can change their Life forever.

From opinion, news, marketing campaign, our goals should be on
engaging our readers in an interesting adventure that will make them
begging and craving for more.

Don't invite someone to your blog with a great headline, only to leave
them hanging with an introduction that has no relationship with your
Trust me, When they leave, they won't accept any further invitation from you.

Don't be afraid of trying something new..Because that is the main way
to discover Yourself.

As a writer, blogger or Marketer creativity should be your
credibility. Don't be tired of searching for good ideas and following
good blogs....
A little and there could help a lot in your Journey to
discover yourself and impact your World...

Don't stop writing.........
Keep Inspiring Your World

Friday, 10 July 2015

Learn to Know your Customer better

As your brand grow, you are bound to face challenges especially in the area of competitions, most business just want customers to buy their products, they don`t look beyond the purchase. To succeed in the 21st century business platform you needs  to create  a relationship with your customer.
Customer are less loyal now and are ready to patronize your competitor in the face of any short coming or a delay in service delivery. So if you are willing to stay in business, there is no other way than learning to know your customer better, these can be achieve by:
1. Always put yourself in your customer`s position: Ditch the business slangs and environment and try to patronize your own product yourself... ask yourself what do I like about this "Your" company service delivery? if you don`t find up to 5 convincing thing you like about the service delivery... Try and do something about it.

2. Be quick to identify problems and find lasting solution: Business environment keep changing and so Problems and challenges will always arise. Always go to your customer and ask them what they like or hate about your service delivery and act on them, don`t always wait for them to come and complain.

3. Create a meeting platform between you and your customer: Organizing seminars and events where you can give them to share their experience with you and your team can help create a long lasting bond between your brand and your customer. Make your customer to be a part of your brand and they will always stick with you.

3. Learn to appreciate your customer: regular freebies will keep your customer spot on... Be innovative in your advertorial and campaigns, let it be about them not you alone... after all without them, you cannot succeed.

4. Be updated: Methods of engagement changes regularly and so you must flow with the trend, don`t be left behind... always be ahead of your customer... never stop learning